The Wicker Woman.

“The Wicker Woman” was released in 2011, after the coder taught himself how to use the Professional Adventure Writer software (with a lot of help from the World of Spectrum community). The idea came from playing text adventures with a friend over MSN one night; he jokingly thought about making his own game, when he remembered his love for the original 70’s version of the film, “The Wicker Man” and thus, he was inspired. The game acts as a sort of pseudo-sequel to the events of said film; a year after his disappearance, the fiance of Sergeant Howie travels to the island of Summerisle to find out for herself what happened to him.

The game is entirely unofficial; the coder created it as a love letter to the film for the weirdly extensive part it has played in his life.

The game can be downloaded at the link below; your first clue is HTUOS ELDDAP.

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