The Shoot ‘Em Up Destruction Set.

Blasting onto the Commodore 64 comes the Shoot ‘Em Up Destruction Set! This superb compilation contains FOUR complete games designed by the Shoot ‘Em Up MASTER Alf Yngve! Fight in the air and on the ground in the slick sideways scrolling shooter SILVERFISH, deliver critical medical supplies in your cargo plane in FLIGHT OF THE ALBATROSS, battle in feudal Japan with sword and shuriken in NUKENIN AND THE RONIN and rid your home of an invasion of pesky insects in the splatter ’em up INSECTOPHOBIA!

SILVERFISH is a 1 or 2 player sideways scrolling shoot ’em up. Player one controls a VTOL jet and player 2 can jump into the action at any time to provide ground support with an armoured jeep.



Flight of the Albatross puts you at the controls of a cargo plane on a mission to deliver urgently needed medical supplies. Partway through the mission you must switch control to a support jeep and protect the Albatross plane while it is transported on the back of a train!


Nukenin & The Ronin is a game set in medieval Japan. You control the Nukenin who is armed with a deadly katana blade. A second player can join in the action at any time and control the Ronin who uses shuriken to dispatch the renegade Ninjas and Samurai!


Insectophobia is a unique game where you must dispatch an invasion of pesky insects from your home by squishing them with your fly-swat. A second player can join in the fun armed with a can of fly-spray! The game features a static background image that changes as you progress through the game (watch for the amusing pictures!)




• FOUR complete Commodore 64 games designed by Alf Yngve.

• Specially produced front-ends coded by Jason Kelk.

• Brand new loading screens produced for this 2008 release.


• BONUS music demo by Zaw Productions.

“Detailed graphics with stunning animation, generous amounts of playability” – 90% (Commodore Format)


Game Designs, Artwork & SFX by Alf Yngve.

Game front-ends coded by Jason Kelk.

Music by Warren Pilkington, Jason Kelk & Richard Bayliss.

Loading screens by Jason ‘Kenz’ Mackenzie & Jason Kelk.

Packaging by Jason ‘Kenz’ Mackenzie.

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