The Malignant Gore.

The outbreak happened so fast there was no time to contain it. The biological entity codenamed ‘MG101 – The Malignant Gore’ consumed everything in its path. By the time the alarm system activated, only one survivor remained- a lone scientist blinded by panic.
If he can get to the mainframe computer and input the self-destruct sequence, perhaps we can destroy MG101 forever.
It is a suicide mission, but left untended the Malignant Gore will continue to spread until it has consumed all life on Earth. This is our only chance.

Your job is to man the gun turrets and guide our survivor through the contaminated rooms of the Omicron Shadow Facility. Each turret only holds 6 bullets, so use them wisely. If you make a mistake you can use a temporal sphere to reset time and try again. These spheres are very rare, so use them sparingly. If you run out, all hope is lost!

ZX Spectrum 128k

Released: 2019

Download HERE

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