The Dawn of Kernel (Pre-Orders announced)

Today announced that pre-orders are available for this stunning looking game, they even showcased the awesome boxart seen here.

The Dawn of Kernel will be available in 3″ or 3,5″ diskette and cassette with extras and a silver coated cardboard box!

Order HERE


About the Game.

The Dawn of Kernel starts with a distress call being received from the mining base on the K3E-NL planet at the Leonis system. A virus has infected the network and a life support malfunction has forced all the personnel to evacuate the base. The corporation owning the mining rights of the planet has sent a small ship heavily armed to investigate what is going on.

The ship comes with a plasma gun (unlimited but mid-range) and two secondary weapons: missiles (high power, long range) and grenades (high power, allow destroying targets under the ship), and the usual pick ups to recover the ship’s shield and stuff like that.

Some technical details:

* Targeting the Amstrad CPC 464 (64K), single load; will work on any
Amstrad CPC model including the Plus range and the GX4000
* Mode 0; 16 colours
* Custom code based on my new “mini-buffers” tile/sprite engine,
designed to use less memory
* Updating at 25 FPS (I usually go for 16 FPS)
* Arkos 2 for the audio

The game will have a physical release by Poly Play and is expected be finished by the end of May to start testing.

We will keep you updated.

Twitter: @reidrac

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