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Choctris is a rather cool Tetris style game with cool music. Hopefully we get a full release of this in the near future but in the meantime feel free to try the demo. Download:¬†http://amigafans.exec.pl/games/choctr…

Invaders 0


Invaders is another Retrokomp 2018 entry, this game is pretty fun, worth checking out if your a fan of Space Invaders style games.         Source Download


Super Nutmeg.

Super Nutmeg is a side scrolling jump and run game. Rescue your buddies, fight the evil kidnapper, collect stars, earn powers and avoid enemies at any cost. As usual, a simple but yet slightly...

Pong4k 0


Pong4k for the Amiga CD32, is a brilliant Pong style game, if you have a CD32 then you have to play this and the soundtrack is awesome as well.     Source Download¬†  

AMIner 0


In AMIner, your objective is to mine gems, gold and silver in typical Miner tradition. Its a very cool game, see the video below and go and get the game and try it out...

Tower of Rubble 0

Tower of Rubble.

Tower of Rubble is a fantastic game for the C64, recently winning the Retrokomp 2018 coding competition in Poland. The music in this is particularly awesome Tomxx of K&A plus Music: Gaetano Chiummo of...