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Kung Fu UFO 0

Kung Fu UFO Boxart and upcoming Kickstarter Teased.

Javier from Retro Nerve Games got in touch to share some early illustrations of their upcoming Megadrive/Genesis game Kung Fu UFO, he also notified us that they have chosen to go the crowdfunding route...


HBL Interviews: Retro Nerve Games.

This is our first interview in a long line of interviews with Homebrew Devs, Retro Nerve Games are the guys behind the amazing looking Kung Fu UFO thats still under development at this time...

Kung Fu UFO 0

Kung Fu UFO

Kung Fu UFO is a platform adventure with martial arts and spiced up with a science fiction plotĀ  This screenshot speaks a 1000 words I’m sure you’ll agree. More soon.

Tetriega 0


Tetriega, is a Tetris style game from the guys behind the awesome looking Kung Fu UFO Retro Nerve Games, this is just a concept idea and may never actually get a release but you...