Star J for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

Star J is a new space themed side-scrolling shooter for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

Parallax scrolling, Fullcolor – 40-61 on screen;
9 Levels (40+ min gameplay), Big bosses;
3 starships, 7 weapons, 7 mods for ship (speed, armor, etc);
5 difficulty modes (in Options): Very Easy to Very Hard;
Nonlinear passing game;
11 music tracks (Music test in Options);
2 languages: english and russian (in Options);
3 variants HUD (in Options);
Cheat codes;
Blast processing (in Options): it was referring to the 68000 CPU’s higher clock rate.
PAL/NTSC, 50/60Hz, I/II/Clones – for all machines.

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