SQIJ (Out Now)

SQIJSQIJ has an interesting story. It was originally released for the C64 in 1986. It also received an official “port” for the ZX Spectrum in 1987, but that version has famously been called “the worst Spectrum game ever”, so Tardis Remakes have taken it upon themselves to remake the C64 version for the ZX Spectrum – and a jolly fine job they have done of it too!

The standard tape version of SQIJ is packaged in a single cassette case with a professionally printed full colour glossy double-sided tape inlay.


Well, at its feathery heart the game is a multi-screen maze game. You play as Sqij – a bird tasked with collecting the lost pieces of a tree – and bringing them to a holy cave where it can grow. The caverns are full of nasties you’ll have to dispose of, and you’ll also have to find keys to unlock barriers that block parts of the caves.

Buy on Tape for £6.99

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