Rebound is a breakout type game for the Sinclair ZX81, written by Bob Smith

Breakout has been a popular game now for over 30 years, and was probably one of the first games I typed into a ZX81 from a book of BASIC listings. I realised recently that it was a game genre which I hadn’t revisited since then, and also that there didn’t seem to be proper modern version of the game for the ’81 – so I thought I should give it a go, as every platform should have one.

Breakout – as Atari originally did it – is a reasonably straight-forward game to program, but the addition of bonus bricks, weapons, and multiple balls (etc) make it more difficult to code, but much more interesting and addictive to play than the original, which can frankly get somewhat boring after a while. Again I’ve kept to the low-res display, which can make some of the 16 possible ball directions appear a little jerky in movement, but I don’t think it detracts from the overall playability of the game.

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