Raging Orlando: WIP C64 Game.

“Le donne, i cavallier, l’arme, gli amori, le cortesie, l’audaci imprese io canto”

In the year 782 A.D. Charlemagne reigned over all of Christian Europe. There were numerous battles that the king of the Franks had to fight to unify Europe under one banner and in each of these he was always assisted by his faithful paladins, of whom Orlando was the bravest. The fairy Alcina, sister of Morgana and Logistilla, yearned for the power of Charlemagne and was sure that the source of the Frankish king’s strength came from Joyeuse, his legendary sword. Alcina pondered a plan for a long time in order to steal Joyeuse from the hands of Charlemagne.

Thanks to its magical arts, the fairy took the form of a rich merchant who came to Aquisgrana to pay homage to the king with a precious gift, an hourglass made of crystal and gold. Charlemagne greatly appreciated the merchant’s gift and invited him to the royal feast to thank him for his generosity. But during the night Alcina entered the royal rooms and with a powerful spell put the king in an enchanted sleep, took his sword and fled without being noticed. The next morning everyone at the castle realized what had happened and the paladins, unaware of the author of this malevolent deed, called an assembly to decide what to do, but while the brave knights were intent on discussing, the wizard Atlante magically appeared in the hall of the throne and revealed who was the author of the crime. At that point, Orlando spoke and pledged to find Joyeuse and free Charlemagne from the spell of the evil fairy.

Raging Orlando is a new action platformer for Commodore 64 still in development in which you control the paladin Orlando in his quest to recover the mythical sword of Charlemagne. Armed with the magical sword Durlindana and with your powerful shield, you will have to cross unknown and dangerous lands until you’ll reach the castle of the wicked fairy Alcina!


8bit hack’n slash action

colorful graphic

4 worlds with more than 50 stages to deal with

over 20 creatures and monsters

boss fights

secret bonuses to find

musics and sound effects

And much more………

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