Quartz’s Quest: New Vectrex Game.

Welcome to the Goblin Valley. You find your scaled self here in search of your Dearest Knight who was kidnapped by the Evil Troll Sorcerer. It is well-known that trolls never like to see anyone be happy, but this time they messed with the wrong dragon! The Sorcerer’s tower is sealed with three magic locks. The keys to which are kept by as many monstrous guardians that must be defeated.


Use the joystick to guide Quartz past rugged mountains and through dank dungeons.

Button 1 will search the area for anything interesting. Maybe find the entrance to a labyrinth, or even open a treasure chest left by previous adventurers. This will also use items if any are available.

Button 2 opens the status menu to see how Quartz is doing and keep tabs on items and weapons found.

Button 3 performs a tail attack to enemies when in combat

Button 4 delivers a powerful breath attack


Many items can be found or purchased from the goblins who live in the valley.

Food: restores Health

Potions: restore magic for breath attacks

Feathers: Warps to the Goblin Village, the entrance to the dungeon, or leave combat

Gems: Specialized breath attacks. Greater gems will attack all enemies but cost more magic.

Weapons and Armor: The best weapons are automatically equipped when bought or found.

Keys: Find all 3 to unlock the sorcerer’s Tower

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