One little ghost.

One little ghost is a game by Bob Smith for the Sinclair ZX81 and his interpretation of Namco’s 1980 arcade game ‘Pac-Man’

“If you ever felt sorry for the ghosts, the orphans they left behind, and wondered what would happen when Pac-Man became the ruling elite, then this is for you.

Whilst researching to see if the ZX81 was capable of doing justice to an isometric game along the lines of Ant Attack! or KnightLore I coded a program to display a single height map of tiles, and it looked a bit like a maze.

Along with the code examples, I’d also been experimenting with the graphics required for such a game, and produced a cute little ghost. An idea then began to germinate… a maze, and some ghosts? Why not try a scrolling isometric Pac-Man?”


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