Multiverse. (WIP)

MultiverseMultiverse is an Action Platformer with Puzzles and Adventure. In this game you must explore two parallel worlds, Terra and Fable, to find out what happened to Dr. Scott and rescue him. To this end, you must gather the energy capsules that power up the VORTEX.

What is the VORTEX? you may ask. The VORTEX is the machine that opens portals between parallel worlds. So, every gathered capsule will open a new path into a new universe!

If two worlds mean double adventure, does exploring them with two characters mean quadruple adventure? For sure! In Multiverse you will not only impersonate Monty Scott, the son of Dr. Scott, but also Nicemoon, the bravest adventurer of all times as well as Monty’s most loyal friend… and dog. You will be able to switch between Monty and Nicemoon at any time during the game. There is gap you cannot jump? Worry not, for Nicemoon will help you! You must climb a ladder to reach your goal? No problem: Monty can do it!

During their quest, strange monsters will attack our friends. Monty’s defense is based on attack: slingshots, marbles, stones, basketballs… everything can be used as a weapon. Everything, but not at once. Monty will have to drop old weapons and eventually go back to pick them again.

As for Nicemoon, his defense is even more powerful since it is based on… love and charm. Could you attack a charming big-eyed dog who lovely stares at you? Surely not! Nobody could, neither the monsters. That is why Nicemoon can move freely without taking care of monsters. But traps… that’s a different thing. Waterfalls, volcanoes, lava… Traps have no feelings, and so they will damage our friends. Be careful, for Monty’s father (and Nicemoon’s big hooman) depends on you!

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