Mega Marble World for Sega Genesis / Mega Drive.

Mega Marble World is a fun but difficult game. Your goal is to reach the door or hole with ball.

Move the ball with the help of gamepad cursor. The ball will continue to move in selected direction until it dash against the wall of maze or another obstacle. It’s necessary to think in advance what way to move the ball. Without strategy, you’ll reach a deadlock and lose.

47 levels in it with 3 bonus levels (Snake);
different types of gameplay and 2 kinds (large, small);
opening and final screens, beautiful transitions between levels;
the pixel-art animated and scrolling graphics;
different decorations (plants, brickwork, caves, galleries with statues etc.);
6 ways to pass it (you can plan a route in the pause menu);
high complexity – a classic puzzle game;
6 music tracks from the best chip tuner’s platform ;
sound effects for all actions;
menu with options: to turn off the music, sounds, HUD;
password system: 4-symbols passwords for each levels.

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