Mappy is a port of the unique arcade game of the same name, brought over to the 2600 by John W. Champeau, whose previous Atari 2600 efforts include Super Cobra Arcade, Scramble, Conquest of Mars, and Lady Bug. Mappy is stunningly accurate to the original arcade game in terms of gameplay, graphics, and sound, even featuring the arcade game’s catchy music thanks to Michael Haas and Darrell Spice, Jr. Nathan Strum created gorgeous artwork for the game featured on the label, manual, box, and the included 10″ x 14″ poster. Mappy supports the AtariVox for saving high scores, and takes advantage of our advanced Melody board to push the Atari 2600 to its limits.

Game Options

  • Novice, Standard, Advanced Skill Levels
  • Set Loot to be in Random or Same positions on each level
  • Built-in Pause Feature
  • Features music from the Arcade Classic!
  • Includes Bonus Rounds
  • High-Score Tables stored in AtariVox or SaveKey (if present)

Available now HERE

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