Magot: WIP Megadrive Game.

MagotThe world of Incanto is in great danger, the evil dimensional demon Xard has kidnapped six of the seven sorcerers guardians of the ancient knowledge. Magot the tiny wizard, has escaped the clutches of Xard and is the only one who can save his brothers. To accomplish this task our hero will have to cross six dimensions through time and space and face Xard’s powerful allies, but Magot is anything but defenseless, as a powerful wizard he can count on numerous spells and incantations. Will you be able to lead Magot through this perilous adventure?

Magot is a new game for Sega Megadrive and is still in development. It mixes platform/shooter action with a tactical approach. All enemies have their own particular behaviours and the key to defeat them reside in the learning of how they move, attack and defend. The game feature over than seventy levels overrun by more than fifty fully animated monsters and creatures, fearsome bosses to fight, upgradable weapons, armour and spells, an in-game shop and numerous secrets scattered across each of the six dimensions.

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