Gaz ‘N Blazzzt: ActionMax, Sega Video Driver, and Video Challenger.

Gaz ‘N Blazzzt is a homebrew game compatible with three VHS-based consoles: The Worlds of Wonder ActionMax, the Sega Video Driver, and the Takara Video Challenger.

The plot revolves around a dad caring for his ill son. The game takes place in the boy’s dream, where he comes to his dad for help. In the child’s mind the two drive up a mountain to find the causes of his illness and blast them into submission.

In the full game experience, players utilize the Sega Video Driver to drive a classic Mustang while simultaneously employing either ActionMax or Video Challenger to blast nefarious bacteria, viruses, and bad guys of all sorts.

For those who one one of the supported consoles but not others, the game can be played in only driving or only shooting modes.

Gaz ‘N Blazzzt supports one or more players. One player can be in control of all the action, or one player can shoot while another drives. As many players as possible can join the game provided they bring their own ActionMax or Video Challenger.

Gaz ‘N Blazzzt is the first homebrew video game for any of the three platforms it supports. It is the first video game in history to require more than one console for a full gameplay experience.

It’s also the first game published and developed by the mod team of the /r/retrogaming subreddit.

The cost of the final game will be free for those who choose to download it digitally. The full game along with files will be made available on the YouTube channel “Retro Game Living Room.”

A limited number of copies, approximately ten, will be made available via eBay. One hundred percent of the final auction value will go to Child’s Play ( via the eBay for Charity program.

Gaz ‘N Blazzzt will make its debut at the Game On Expo ( on Saturday, August 11th. The auctions will begin on Monday, August 13th. All auctions will start with a $10 opening bid. On the same day, the digital version of the game will be made available for free.

“Child’s Play seeks to improve the lives of children in pediatric hospitals and any other child welfare facilities through the kindness and generosity of the video game community and the power of play.” The organization has raised over $44.4 million since 2003.

/r/retrogaming is a subreddit on, devoted to the preservation, play, and enjoyment of vintage games of all kinds.

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    […] The Action Max (and similar consoles) and Video Driver have homebrew scenes, due to how easy it is to make games for them, and one even required both! […]

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