Doc Cosmos: New C64 Platformer.

Doc Cosmos

Doc Cosmos is created for the RGCD 16k Cartridge Competition 2019 and is out now for you to play. Doc is on the search for a powerful alien device that is rumoured to be able to allow the user to time travel. He arrives on the alien planet to begin his quest to obtain the device but soon gets stuck in the underground complex.

Use the device to switch between timelines to change Docs control scheme and alter the scenery in order to progress through the complex and find a way out. Search for keys to open the multitude of doors blocking Docs way. With your help Doc can get out with the device and begin his adventures in time!


  • Large map with 47 screens and two versions of each one!
  • Timeline system, switch between different timelines and change the scenery
  • Dual Control system, Doc controls differently in each timeline


Joystick in Port2 Left/Right to walk, Up to jump and Fire to activate device when charged

Left/Right on title screen to select music mode

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