Children of the Night.

Children of the NightChildren of the Night is an Action RPG availble for Colecovision and MSX,you impersonate Lord Drakul. You must unravel the mistery of his unholy resurrection in the dawn of World War II and find out the true story behind an ancient god that threatens humankind.

During your quest, you will explore many dangerous areas across a huge map, encounter friends and foes and solve all kind of puzzles that will test all of your habilities.

You will increase in experience and power as you collect items and weapons. Will you be able to find all the items and to give Lord Drakul all of his Dark Powers?

While in your adventure, you will listen to gorgeous musics, watch magnificent scenarios and discover a complex storyline. You will end up believing that the fictional world of Children of the Night is real!

MSX Version

Micromancer Website

People interested in pre-ordering the game can write an e-mail to stating their full name and how many Children of the Night they want to pre-order.

Colecovision Version

Team Pixel Boy Website.

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