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Gluf 0


Gluf is a colourful puzzle game from Denis Grachev, simply paint of the various platforms through all the levels to progress through the game. ZX Spectrum 128k Released: 2019 Download HERE

The Malignant Gore 0

The Malignant Gore.

The outbreak happened so fast there was no time to contain it. The biological entity codenamed ‘MG101 – The Malignant Gore’ consumed everything in its path. By the time the alarm system activated, only...

Lovecraft Mythos 0

Lovecraft Mythos.

Lovecraft Mythos is a survival platformer. Collect 9 keys to advance to the next screen, trying to avoid the eldritch monsters which will continuously respawn around you. Shooting a monster will kill it instantly,...

Sardonic 0


Download Sardonic ZX Spectrum  (15.8 KB) Works on Spectrum 48K / 128K / +2 / +2A / +3 Enhanced music and sound effects on 128K machines Code, Graphics and Music Conversion by MadAxe Original...

Old Tower 0

Old Tower.

Old Tower is a multicolor scroller for ZX Spectrum.  You play as a little explorer in a tower full of deadly traps and bats. Your only weapons to help you win: quick-thinking and skill....

Astronaut Labyrinth 0

Astronaut Labyrinth.

Astronaut Labyrinth is an action arcade/adventure game for Spectrum 48K (without music)/128K (with AY music) made using AGDX (a modified version of Arcade Game Designer 4.7) and AGDMusicizer II. The main character – the...

Unhallowed 0

Unhallowed: A new Halloween text adventure.

Unhallowed is a new Halloween text adventure will be released this Halloween for the 128K ZX Spectrum and compatibles. Blerkotron say’s it’s been a long slog, but worth it! Here are some screenies to...

All Hallows 0

All Hallows: Rise of the Pumpkin.

All Hallows – Rise of the Pumpkin is playable on the ZX Spectrum 48k, 128k and vega Spectrum. Originally this was planned for a Halloween released but Rucksack Games kingpin John Blythe decided to treat...

The World War Simulator 0

The World War Simulator: PART II

The objective of the game is to infiltrate Hitler’s bunker night before his suicide and shooting him in the head while sleeping. To do this, stand next to his bed and hit his head,...

Car Wars 0

Car Wars.

Car Wars, for the Spectrum 128k. Developed using the Mojon Twins MK2 engine, you race around each screen to collect all the coins required to complete the stage. Download HERE