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Setsuzoku no Puzzle

Everytime I let some one try this puzzle game, I had to find an excuse to get my DS back.

Blockman Gets 2

Blockman Gets.

You all know PacMan, but this one isn’t pacman. This one is Blockman Gets. Not only he is square, but he plays with somewhat different rules. Granted, there is a maze and pellets, but BlockMan...


Bilou: Apple Assault

Bilou and Bouli have crashed on a strange planet. While Bouli is repairing the Astrocruiser’s repellor shield, Bilou (the blue ball) has to keep hordes of crazy applemen away ! The game feature the...


Waimanu Daring Slides

Waimanu Daring Slides (aka Waimanu DS), a puzzle-action game for the Nintendo DS was released in 2011 Waimanu can push blocks and make them slide, and sliding blocks can squash Wekas between them. He...


Bilou: School Rush

Bilou: School Rush Pendatz try to flood the school zone with ink to eliminate opponents of their commander Square Root. Bilou will have to run, ride Spongebops and use Dumbladors to get rid of stronger foes, including pendatz...