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Moonrider 0

Moonrider: Prototype Megadrive/Genesis game.

A new Megadrive/Genesis game is on the horizon or so we hope, the game initially started out as a HTML5 game based on the iconic Sega consoles graphical style, the creator wanted to see...


Super Nutmeg.

Super Nutmeg is a side scrolling jump and run game. Rescue your buddies, fight the evil kidnapper, collect stars, earn powers and avoid enemies at any cost. As usual, a simple but yet slightly...

Bomber Cats 0

Bomber Cats – WIP Atari Lynx Game.

AA member LordKraken will be releasing a new game for the Atari Lynx called BomberCats! The simplest way to present the game is to see it as an hommage to the legendary Bomberman (especially...

Nixy and the Seeds of Doom 0

Nixy and the Seeds of Doom.

Andy Jones – recently interviewed by us at RVG recently announced a sequel title Nixy and the Seeds of Doom . Currently undergoing testing and hopefully released very soon, until then enjoy looking at...

Foggy's Quest 2 0

Foggy’s Quest 2.

John Blythe does is again and announces another awesome games for his growing catalogue of games at Rucksack Games. Last we saw he was taking a well earned rest after his run in with...

Bentley Bear's Honey Hunt 0

Bentley Bear’s Honey Hunt. WIP Atari Lynx Game.

Bentley Bear’s Honey Hunt is a new WIP game for the Atari Lynx, the game is a fast-paced Joust-Donkey-Kong-similar game but not much more is known about this game yet. Source: Atari Age

Lacim's Legacy 0

Lacim’s Legacy – New Atari Lynx Isometric RPG.

Lacism’s Legacy is a new Atari Lynx RPG game is currently in development, development is still very much in the early stages but you can view this preview video and keep checking back as...

Nebs 'n Debs 0

Nebs ‘n Debs: A New NES Platform Game.

A new NES game has been announced and looking for funding on Kickstarter. This campaign will raise funds for the first run of the game. This includes, depending on your pledge, the actual game...

Go Go Bunny Gun 0

Go Go Bunny Gun.

Here we have a new WIP speccy shooter from Joefish, creator of Buzzsaw. It’s still early days but we will bring you more info as we have,it. Source