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L'Abbaye Des Mortes 0

L’Abbaye Des Morts.

L’Abbaye Des Morts is a fabulous arcade adventure from Antonio Savona (Planet Golf). Originally released by Locomalito for the PC, this ZX Spectrum styled game has since been converted to the actual ZX Spectrum...



Megastyle have a fine selection of games in their growing list, here we have Tombstones. Our hero – EL GRINGO – is infamous for being the fastest and most dangerous gunslinger in the wild,...



Choctris is a rather cool Tetris style game with cool music. Hopefully we get a full release of this in the near future but in the meantime feel free to try the demo. Download:¬†…

Invaders 0


Invaders is another Retrokomp 2018 entry, this game is pretty fun, worth checking out if your a fan of Space Invaders style games.         Source Download

Pong4k 0


Pong4k for the Amiga CD32, is a brilliant Pong style game, if you have a CD32 then you have to play this and the soundtrack is awesome as well.     Source Download¬†  

AMIner 0


In AMIner, your objective is to mine gems, gold and silver in typical Miner tradition. Its a very cool game, see the video below and go and get the game and try it out...

Tower of Rubble 0

Tower of Rubble.

Tower of Rubble is a fantastic game for the C64, recently winning the Retrokomp 2018 coding competition in Poland. The music in this is particularly awesome Tomxx of K&A plus Music: Gaetano Chiummo of...

Trap Runner 0

Trap Runner.

While Jay is eating his favourite snack on a picnic with May, a strange creature with spooky brown cape and glowing pink eyes appears. “Har! Har! Do you really believe that a pathetic white...

Elfie the Unicorn 0

Elfie the Unicorn.

Elfie the Unicorn is a classic run and jump platformer designed for kids. Coded by Foxman (Twin Games Software). The game was created using Backbone. Download via Aminet

R-Squadron 0


CAN YOU DEFEND THE EARTH AGAINST THE RETRO-HORDES OF ARCADIA? “R-Squadron”, created on the Amiga’s infamous Shoot-Em-Up-Construction-Kit is, as you’d guess, a shmup. The game itself was retro-game themed before retro-gaming was actually a...