Boxing 1K ZX81 Hires


After years of training you made it to the worldchampionship BOXING.
You have reached the 1/8 finale. Can you win the final?

Play the last 4 rounds to become champion. Each next round the contestants get better.

Boxing is all about fast feet so moving around won’t cost you energy.
Punching will cost you 2 energypoints.
Getting hit on the face will cost 10 energy point when full on the face.
On the side of the face it will cost 5 energy points.

After punching you can punch the same hand only after doing another move.

When he contestants energy reaches zero you will score your remaining energy as points and
you will go to the next round. When you won the final a check on hiscore is done.

When you are out of energy the game ends.

Controls can be altered after each game.

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