Bilou: School Rush

Bilou: School Rush Pendatz try to flood the school zone with ink to eliminate opponents of their commander Square Root. Bilou will have to run, ride Spongebops and use Dumbladors to get rid of stronger foes, including pendatz themselves.

Pendatz may release artefacts that will grant Bilou the temporary power to float or to punch hard what could get in his way. You have 3 lives to clear 4 levels, with 3 available difficulty levels.

[download final version] — [development thread]
    • (A) button makes you  use your feet (jump/bounce/float) and (B) button makes you use your hands (grab, throw, punch). 


  • The Punch Power-up allows you to stun most ennemies, including the pendats, without having to carry dumbladors around. When you got it, you’ll need to use “DOWN + B” to pick up objects. 

    Hurry up! Save the books!

  • The Float Power-up allow you to defy gravity. Press (A) twice mid-air quickly to trigger it and then hold A to float to the next location.
  •  Up/Down let you look at what’s around you.
  • R shoulder makes you run. You can also use Kirby’s double-tap on a direction button to run if you prefer

Recommended emulator: desmume 0.9.11 or better.

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  1. PypeBros says:

    got an update with 1-UPs, game over screen and game-won secret screen.

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