Bilou: Apple Assault

Bilou and Bouli have crashed on a strange planet. While Bouli is repairing the Astrocruiser’s repellor shield, Bilou (the blue ball) has to keep hordes of crazy applemen away ! The game feature the four fields surrounding the cruiser that you must clean up so that Bouli can finish his job and provide you a safe retreat for further exploration. Stun the applemen by stomping them (A). That will provide you more punch power to dispatch the assaulters further away (B).
In each assault wave, the applemen will come back with reinforcement. So it is not about how far you will go, but about how long you will last!

The small scope of the four areas and the two-actions needed to dispatch foes makes the game play a bit like a modern variation on the Bubble Bobble games.

Controls: D-PAD + (A) and (B)

Author: PypeBros

Music by Cyborg Jeff.

More info HERE

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