Astronaut Labyrinth.

Astronaut Labyrinth is an action arcade/adventure game for Spectrum 48K (without music)/128K (with AY music) made using AGDX (a modified version of Arcade Game Designer 4.7) and AGDMusicizer II.

The main character – the payer – is Brian Bentley, a space explorer who was sucked into an intergalactic portal and landed inside a sort of astronaut-shaped labyrinth when he was traveling in his spacecraft.

So Brian must collect the 6 parts of an astronaut draw to activate the way out. Unfortunately, the parts are scattered amongst the labyrinth.But that is not enought.
He also has to find the power battery to make the exit works.The battery is in an hidden place and to access that Brian has to find the teleport key first.After that, Brian can finally escape from the Astronaut Labyrinth.

Get it HERE now.

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