Against the Elements.

Against the Elements is a homebrew game for the Sinclair ZX81 by Paul Farrow

The atomic world is in crisis. An epidemic is sweeping through the elements turning them hostile and altering the very nature of matter itself. Only a handful of survivors remain. These include the six Noble Gases (Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon and Radon), members of an order following an approach of isolation in pursuit of wisdom and knowledge. They have analysed the infection and although its origins still remain a mystery they have established that it targets the neutrons within the nucleus, spreading from atom to atom via chemical bonding. The Noble Gases contain neutrons yet their policy of isolation explains why they have not yet succumbed to the illness.


Using their wealth of knowledge the Noble Gases have managed to design an antidote to the infection, and each has been tasked with creation of a specific part of it. These are now complete but the spread of the epidemic has been so rapid that it has trapped the Noble Gases in dispersed locations throughout the atomic world. If the parts of the antidote are not fused together and released soon then the infection will become irreversible and all hope will be vanquished. This is where you come in.

You are Hydrogen, the only other element to have shown resistance to the contagion. Your immunity is due to the fact that you do not contain a neutron. This also makes you the lightest of all the elements and therefore the nimblest, a characteristic that makes you the only one left who can collect all six parts of the antidote in time and bring them back for release.

As you journey through the atomic world you will find loose electrons scattered about. You can pick up and carry an additional electron which might prove useful in your quest, but be careful as this will make you negatively charged. You’ll also need to be on your guard for infected atoms as they will annihilate you should they manage to touch you.

Obstacles and traps await you at every turn and you will need to use all your dexterity and ingenuity as you battleĀ Against The Elements.

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