Action 53 Volume 3: Revenge of the Twins.

Action 53 Vol. 3: Revenge of the Twins! Featuring games developed for the NesDev 2016 Coding Competition as well as other contributions, this multicart is sure to provide hours of fun for even the most discerning video game enthusiasts!

  • Open source:
  • Every cartridge and included materials made with all new parts and materials
    • The cartridge is equipped with a multi-region CIC.
    • The lock out chip is region switchable by pressing reset on your console, saving last known good region.
  • All ~25 contributors were given a Contributor Edition clear NES cartridge with personalized message on title screen.
  • Limited Edition clear NES copies are limited to 100 copies, the title screen displays the copy number out of 100.
  • Regular Edition (grey) NES & (yellow) Famicom cartridges are unlimited in production numbers, and planned for long term release.
  • See the nesdev forum thread for updates.

To purchased or read more about this release please visit the official sales page HERE.

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