REKNUM The Awakening.

Reknum the awakening is a video game developed for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) console, developing to all the limitations of the console, to provide a fresh experience the the NES.
The game is developed in physical format using the MAPPER30 so you can use it in any console without restriction of region and with the option of being able to download the ROM in digital format, in order to emulate it from any PC.

The story introduces us to the princess Cheri, who will have to return the memory of all the habitants of the Reknum kingdom and defeat the evil sorceress wich caused the amnesia of the peaceful habitants of Reknum.

Cheri must explore different dungeons and fight against various invocations of the sorceress in different regions of the kingdom to return peace, Cheri has a claymore type sword and special magics as tools to achieve this goal. Are you willing to enter the bowels of Reknum’s dungeons to save the kingdom?

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