HBL Help Wanted.

Well, since we launched back in March of this yeat (2018) we have grown much bigger and faster than we could have imagined, during this time we have not old announced loads of new homebrew games, we have developed a new twitter hashtag #homebrewgames where we hope others will adopt this enabling us all to help spread the word about this wonderful part of the scene,

So now I am looking for the next step, I am looking for like minded folk to join the team on here, what we need is people who are in the know, people that pick up news fast and can post it here, more importantly though, HBL is not just about the news, we want to be a catalogue for all homebrew games that work on real retro hardware.

If you feel you can help us and you can add something to our site please get in touch via support(@)homebrewlegends.com

Anyone that joins the team can use there bio thats associated with their posts to point to their own youtube channel, blog page or website.