CPCRetroDev 2018

CPCRetroDev 2018.

As we are a site dedicated to Homebrew Gaming, it would be out of place to not bring you news concerning this years CPCRetroDev 2018 comp. CPCRetroDev 2018 applications are… Read more »



Airaki is a brand-new puzzle battle game for the Nintendo Gameboy! Work fast to beat all 8 bosses and become the champion. You must wisely choose 1 of 3 special… Read more »



MAIDEN is a rail shooter in which colossal humanoid robots known as Maidens fuel a global struggle over resources. You control a team of pilots fighting their neighboring country over… Read more »



CAN YOU DEFEND THE EARTH AGAINST THE RETRO-HORDES OF ARCADIA? “R-Squadron”, created on the Amiga’s infamous Shoot-Em-Up-Construction-Kit is, as you’d guess, a shmup. The game itself was retro-game themed before… Read more »