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SQIJ (Out Now)

SQIJ has an interesting story. It was originally released for the C64 in 1986. It also received an official “port” for the ZX Spectrum in 1987, but that version has famously… Read more »

Bigg Oil

SirMorris has released a new game for the ZX81, called Bigg Oil According to SirMorris, it is his satirical take on Oil‘s Well, from back in the day. It’s a frantic… Read more »

Boxing Champ ZX-81 Packaging

Boxing Champ.

Boxing champ is a new game by Revival Studios for the Sinclair ZX-81 home computer. Boxing Champ is an addictive boxing game that blends arcade gameplay with tactical elements. Approach… Read more »

Rush ZX-81 Packaging


Rush is a game for the Sinclair ZX-81 computer by Revival Studios. A heist has gone wrong and now you are being chased! Escape the police by running and jumping… Read more »