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Nova the Squirrel

Nova the Squirrel.

Nova the Squirrel is a platformer game for the NES that borrows mechanics and inspiration from several different classic games while giving a more modern and unique feel to the… Read more »

Twin Dragons.

On a far away island, Dinky and Minky, the Twin Dragons, live on top of a mountain with their parents, waiting for their new sibling to hatch out. One day,… Read more »



Scramble was a beloved arcade horizontal shooter, developed by Konami in 1981. A (supposed?) prequel to Gradius, it was the first side-scrolling shooter with automatic scrolling and multiple stage layout…. Read more »

The Incident

The Incident.

What happened 400 years ago? The year is 2415. Mankind has evacuated the city, leaving a once thriving commercial warehouse completely abandoned. But something has happened, awakening Sam, box-pushing robot… Read more »

Study Hall

Study Hall.

Pack up your backpack and catch a ride on the bus, because there’s finally a Study Hall you won’t want to miss! KHAN Games’ third offering is here, and the… Read more »

Ultimate Frogger Champion

Ultimate Frogger Champion.

Nerdy Nights first success story, Ultimate Frogger Champion is Kevin Hanley’s ambitious first project bringing Frogger to the Nintendo Entertainment System. Dodge cars, pick up a lady frog, avoid the… Read more »



Lizard is a game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), developed solely by Brad Smith, and released in 2018. It is a platform game focused on self directed exploration.¬†Lizard began… Read more »

Log Jammers.

Free demo available for download¬†here! Arcade sports on the Nintendo Entertainment System are always a gas and Log Jammers is no different! Select your avatar from a diverse cast of… Read more »